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About Us


Plastic News consistently ranks B. Schoenberg & Co., Inc. as one of the largest

plastic traders/recyclers in North America.The company is headquartered in

Yorktown, New York and has ten branch offices, two manufacturing plants and

strategically located warehouse facilities. Each location works closely with the

others to guarantee quality materials and outstanding customer service.


We pride ourselves on a second-to-none payment record. Our Paydex rating

is 87 and our average payment time is 17 days AHEAD of terms!


In addition to our trading business, we produce our own quality black color

concentrate as well as flexible and semi-rigid PVC repro. Information on those

products can be found by clicking on the three middle tabs at the top of the page...

Why choose us as your plastic source?


B. Schoenberg & Co., Inc. was founded in November of 1994 and has consistently grown to the size it is today.


We credit that phenomenal success to the ability to listen and learn from our customers and suppliers. We hear what you want and know what the marketplace demands.


Whether you have plastic materials to sell or are looking for consistent supplies of properly represented materials, we can help. All of our representatives are experienced and educated in what you want and need.


We have a huge database of available materials and can easily source most types of polymers.

What will we do for you? 


• Offer fair pricing.


• Pay invoices ahead of terms.


• Make pickups quickly and efficiently.


• Accept truckloads of mixed materials.


• Provide proof of destruction



• Manage long-term total recycling



• Offer consistent sources of clean,

  properly represented materials.



Below are materials we actively buy and sell. Click the "Contact Us" page to find the nearest B. Schoenberg office. Give us a call or email us.


ABS • Acrylic • Acetal • Acetate • EVA •  Ethylene • Fluoropolymers • HMW • HDPE • Ionomer • K Resin • Nylon • PBT •  PET • PET-G • Polycarbonate •  Polypropylene • Polystyrene • PPO •  PVC-Flex • PVC-Rigid • Ryton • SAN •  TPE • TPO • TPR • Ultem • Urethane


       ONGOING NEED!!!


We consume 200 truckloads per month of flexible PVC scrap, regrind, parts or purge for use in our own manufacturing plant. Please call us immediately with any or all offers!

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